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What are we all about? is an Internet service through which we display works of new writers on our web site. We provide a vehicle for interested Internet users and others to view, by means of synopses, your unpublished novels, short stories, scripts (for stage, feature film, TV movies, sitcoms, documentaries, etc.), poetry, non-fiction material, plays, books for the younger market, (children, juvenile, young adult), supported by a short biography. Our register offers submissions in any language. We keep the costs low by not getting too fancy. While we respect the first amendment rights of all authors, we do not accept pornographic literature on our site.

You've probably been bothered by countless self proclaimed literary agents who have suddenly discovered you and want to work with you. Usually this involves a substantial up front sum for preparation of the "business plan" or some other ruse. Often, they work with a "book doctor" who, upon the recommendation of the bogus literary agent, offers to help you rewrite your work to make it "more acceptable for publishers." They also provide a convenient credit plan and accept all major credit cards.

Honest literary agents do not solicit in this devious manner. They are busy enough with their regular clients and rarely respond to new authors. Publishers too are difficult to reach. gives them a chance to see what's out there quickly and efficiently. If a synopsis strikes their fancy, they can take the next step by filling out the on-line form provided for on our web site. responds to this initial contact and sends the information as well as your particulars to them. From then on, it's up to you.

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