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  1. All submissions to be accompanied by a biography of the author of not more than one hundred words and a synopsis of each work not more than three hundred and fifty (350) words. Each synopsis will be registered as submitted with no editing of any kind. It is incumbent upon the author to avoid typos and other non-professional errors.
    IMPORTANT: All synopses and biographies must be SINGLE SPACED.
  2. is not responsible for copyright claims in any way. Submitting writers must accept full responsibility for the copyright of their work as well as defending any claims of infringement by any other party of synopses appearing in the register.
  3. Each submission will remain on the register for a period of one year from the date of first insertion. Charge for reinsertions for the subsequent year (s) to be as previously stated.
  4. Submission of poetry and short stories synopses shall constitute a single work as follows:
    Poetry: Collection of poems with synopses not exceeding 350 words including poems used as samples of work or style.
    Short Stories: Collection of short stories with a single synopsis not exceeding 350 words.
  5. shall advertise in diverse media consistent with the volume of registration. This shall include: Internet search engines, newspapers, magazines and periodicals and television and radio. In addition, press releases will be sent to all major publishers in accordance with the language in which the work is written.
  6. Author shall specify the language in which the work has been written. Each synopsis will be registered as supplied in whatever language the work was written.
  7. All initial contacts from prospective publishers, literary agents and those wishing to gain additional insight about each work and its author shall be made through and its representatives. Transmittal of manuscripts to prospective publishers, literary agents, etc. shall be the responsibility of the author.
  8. A fee of two percent (2%) of any gross sales derived from the sale of works registered at shall apply. This shall be applicable for all sales in any media regardless of other fees which may be charged by literary agents or their representatives. Royalty payments shall be made to . The two percent fee shall also apply to any and all advance payment arrangements.
  9. Requests for additional information shall be made on the line of the form provided. Answers shall be by Email, regular postal mail, or FAX if requested.
  10. Upon verification and notification of publication, the author's name and a synopsis of his work will appear on's Special Success page.