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Brochure's mission statement: To provide exposure for those writers who burn with the desire to write but have not yet been published.

What are we all about? is an Internet service through which we display works of new writers on our web site. We provide a vehicle for interested Internet users and others to view, by means of synopses, your unpublished novels, plays, poetry, short stories and non-fiction material supported by a short biography. Our register offers submissions in any language. We keep the cost low by not getting too fancy.

You've probably been bothered by countless self-proclaimed literary agents who have suddenly discovered you and want to work with you. Usually this involves a substantial up-front sum for preparation of a "business plan" or some other ruse. Often they work with a "book doctor" who, upon the recommendation of the bogus literary agent, offers to help you rewrite your work to make it "more acceptable for publishers." They also provide a convenient credit card plan and accept all major credit cards.

Honest literary agents do not solicit in this devious manner. They are busy enough with their regular clients and rarely accept new, first-time authors. Publishers too are difficult to reach. Your only chance is the old fashioned, two-way mailing routine, which is not only expensive but usually non-productive. offers them a chance to see what's out there quickly and efficiently. If a synopsis strikes their fancy, they can take the next step by filling out the on-line form provided directly on our web site. is able to screen requests for validity and to send the information as well as your particulars to them. From then on, it's up to you.

What will it cost? The following straightforward approach should appeal to any writer who has sent endless manuscripts "over the transom" without success. While we cannot and would not offer any guarantee of getting published, we think that our unique approach stands a reasonable chance of having many people see what your work is all about. In truth, though millions of people are connected to the Internet, the actual number of persons viewing your work would probably be in the thousands. At any rate, potentially many more agents and editors could see your work through this service than you could reach by conventional means.

FEES: Fifty dollars for an initial, one-time registration of one work. The work(s) will be registered on our site ( for a period of one year commencing with acceptance of the application form and receipt of payment. Twenty-five dollars will be charged for each additional work. Fifteen dollars per work/ per year will be charged for renewal of registration after the first year and for each subsequent year. An additional ten dollars will be charged for re-typing of each synopsis/biography combination unless the synopsis/biography is submitted on floppy disk format or uploaded per instructions at our site, in which case, no retyping fees will be charged.



Novels: Must specify genre and length, i.e.: Gothic, page/word count.

Non-Fiction: Subject matter, type (straight non-fiction, creative non-fiction, etc.), page/word count.

Plays, scripts: Subject matter, time period, number of acts, characters, number of pages, stage or screen elapsed time estimate.

Poetry: Specify verse style as appropriate, number of poems in collection, number of pages.

Short stories: Number of stories, subject matter, style as shown by sample paragraphs, page/word count



1. All submissions to be accompanied by a biography of the author limited to approximately one hundred words and a synopsis of each work of three hundred and fifty words. Each synopsis will be registered as submitted with no editing of any kind. It is incumbent upon the author to avoid typos and other unprofessional errors. NOTE: All synopses and biographies must be SINGLE SPACED, Courier, Ariel, Times Roman or other legible font, 12 point size. For a single submission, both the biography and the synopsis must be on a single 8 ½ x 11 sheet. HINT: Submit on floppy disk or upload per web site instructions and pay no retyping fees. (Normally $10.00 per biography/synopsis.)

2. is not responsible for copyright claims in any way. Submitting writers must accept full responsibility for the copyright of their work as well as defending any claims of infringement by any other party relating to posted synopses on the web site. Consequently, submitting authors agree to absolve and indemnify from any claims instituted against their submitted material.

3 Each submission will remain on the web site register for a period of one year from the date of first insertion. Reinsertion charges will be as previously stated.

4. Submission of collections of poetry and short stories shall constitute a single work with synopses not to exceed three hundred and fifty words.

5. shall advertise in diverse media consistent with the volume of registration. These shall include; Internet search engines, newspapers, magazines and periodicals, television and radio. In addition, press releases will be sent to major publishers periodically in accordance with the language in which the work is written.

6. Author shall specify the language in which the work has been written. Each synopsis will be registered as supplied in whatever language the work was written.

7.All initial contacts from prospective publishers, literary agents, editors, producers and other legitimate agencies requesting information shall be made through and its representatives. Transmittal of manuscripts to interested parties shall be the responsibility of the author.

8.A fee of two percent (2%) of any and all gross sales derived from the sale of works registered with shall apply. This shall be applicable for all sales in any media regardless of other fees that may be charged by literary agents or their representatives. Payments shall be made directly to The two- percent (2%) shall also apply to any and all advance payment arrangements.

9.Requests for additional client information shall be made using the on-line form on the web site. Responses shall be made by e-mail, regular mail or Fax.

10.Upon verification and notification of publication of any work, the author's name and a synopsis of work will appear on the SUCCESS PAGE.

NOTE: If your manuscript is in process and incomplete at registration, please specify the degree of completeness as well as the estimated time to finish. I.e. "Two-thirds complete. Will finish within three months."

We wish you the best with your writing endeavors regardless of whether or not you elect to use our service.

19 Claudette Circle
Framingham, MA 01701
(800) 470-2312



1. Submit your biography (100 words) and synopsis (350 words) using one of the following methods:

  • Floppy disk
  • Upload per web site instructions
  • Typed on single sheet 8 ½ x 11

2. Make sure to single-space the typing.

3. Sign and date writer's acceptance sheet.

4. Submit payment as specified on the writer's acceptance sheet.

Good luck!


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