Genre: Novels, Poetry
Boston College graduate 1956 after service in U.S. Army in Korea as rifleman, light weapons squad leader, Army correspondent, 1950-1951. Over 500 articles, poems and short stories in newspapers and local, regional and national periodicals. Books are Ah Devon Unbowed, 1979, and The Saugus Book, 1984, both poetry, and Reflections From Vinegar Hill, 1998, poetry and prose, and completed manuscripts which include 6 mysteries; Vigilantes East, Murder From The Forum, Death Of A Lottery Foe, An Accountable Death, Death By Punishment and Death For The Phantom Receiver, and 3 literary mss.; The Keating Script, The Bolduc Tragedies, and Murph and Charlie. Private printings include This Rare Earth and Other Flights, Elements and Accessories, Two License, Wyoming, Cutting Ice On Rapid Tucker's Pond, and Jock Poems For Proper Bostonians.

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